Ritva Nero plays groovy partymetalfolk without any guitars! The sound of the band consists of the melodies of soprano saxophone, Finnish bagpipes and nyckelharpa, joined with a rock bassist and a metal drummer. Contemporary folk tunes are cleverly combined with the heavy metal traditions of our time. This is music to dance to – headbangingfolk! 
Party hard!

Sanna Salonen – Soprano saxophone
Petri Prauda – Finnish bagpipes
Emilia Lajunen – Nyckelharpa
Jani Snellman – Bass
Patrik Fält – Drums

Sanna Salonen

Photo: Ville Laine

Sanna Salonen / “rva Nero” (eng. Mrs. Nero), born in 1993, is a saxophonist who is currently studying at the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department. Before she has studied classical clarinet, jazz saxophone and composing at Turku Conservatory. She started her folk career with the band Tradikaali, who we’re awarded The Young Folkies of the Year 2013 and became the National Folk Ensemble Champion of Finland. Nowadays she plays also in folk-jazz ensemble Barlast.



Photo: Pasi Virta

Petri Prauda is a leading character in the Finnish folk music scene, a multi-instrumentalist and an educator. He has been touring with the supergroup Frigg all over the world since 2000 and played on numerous folk and rock albums. Prauda is currently teaching at the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department as a lecturer of ensemble and improvisation. In 2010 he founded the 45-member Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band whose cd “FBB” (SibaRecords 2014) won ”the Finnish Grammy” award Etno-Emma. Also Päre – a more traditional band he founded around the Finnish bagpipes – has already claimed international recognition.


EMILIA lajunen

Photo: Ville Laine

Emilia Lajunen is known for her deep knowledge of tradition, original arrangements and intense stage presence. She graduated from the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department in 2007 and is now working there as the head tutor of fiddle. Her repertoire consists of Finnish and Nordic fiddle traditions, archaic kantele and bowed harp melodies, ballads and broadsides. Lajunen has been awarded the 1st price of Konsta Jylhä Competition (twice), ”the Finnish Grammy” award Etno-Emma, been nominated for Teosto award and thrived at the NORD08 competition. She plays with the groups Suo, Juuri & Juuri and Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala. Lajunen is currently working on her doctorate research.


Jani Snellman

Photo: Ville Laine

Jani Snellman, born in 1974, is a professional electric- and upright player who finds himself cozy playing the bass regardless of the artificial genre limitations.  He has wide experience of more than a thousand of gigs in all kinds of music from classical to heavy metal around the world. On the field of Folk Music he has recorded and toured in high profile groups like Kouon Frouva, Kiperä and the fearless band of Mallusjoki Folkdancers. The last 13 years his main gig has been the Finnish indie-rock group Poets of the Fall that was founded in 2004. Poets of the Fall has released seven albums, many of them reaching to gold- and platinum sales. The band tours regularly in Finland, Central- / Eastern Europe, UK, Russia and India.


Patrik fält

Photo: Pasi Virta

Patrik Fält is a model ’87 turbocharged metal drummer from Raahe. He started assaulting the drums in high school and soon began building a reputation among drummers with his numerous drum cover videos on Youtube. In 2005 he joined his first band, the grindcore group Feastem – only to notice that if you want to be able to play 260bpm blast beat with a relaxed technique you might want to get some tutoring from a pro. Hence Fält went in 2007 to learn from Kai Hahto (ex-Rotten Sound, Nightwish, Wintersun) and since then he has been known from his brutal clockworklike blast beat. Nowadays he tours with Brymir and – having Sámi roots himself – with the Sámi rapper Ailu Valle’s band Trio Boogiemen.